Monday, April 13, 2009

Hunny Look What I Brought Home #2

This type of entry will now be shortened to HLWIBH lol.
Hilarious acronym.

Today's entry is dedicated to the SHADE black!

cantcheckemailnopw wrote:
I always find it hard to spot ABC guys but the ABC girls usually look different.
An abc girls clothes usually color coordinate. A local girl will have will have purple boots, green tights, black shorts, red blouse, and a yellow jacket with blue fur trim.
delilahds wrote:
LMAO completely understand now.
But I'm from Melbourne so "colour coordinating" comes easily;
who needs colours when you have SHADES! black and white baby!
[extracted from]

In short, I'm very Melbournian. I own a lot of black and white pieces. A's favourite "colour" is black... The shade is oh-so-lovely :) [A is another Melbournian friend :)]
So here are some recent NOIR shaded purchases!

ITEM 1 - Zara black trench coat. 50 Euro

ITEM 2 - Me & City double breasted boyfriend blazer. 799 Yuan (two for 799 Yuan) some chinese label, had a buy one item get one free deal... luckily A wanted one too :)


  1. blazer looks oh so lovely :)
    trench makes A envious.
    A loves black.
    A loves L.

  2. i bought a pair of zara pants in hongkong, now i think theyre probably too tight for me lol. i wanted to get this trench coat but eventually decided against it, now i regret it