Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Little Finds!

The thing I love about Melbourne is that there is always a new laneway or street or shop that I find with things that amaze me. This Wednesday was the best for me! I had so much fun running around and finding or refinding shops I love.


181 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
This shop is amazing. The interior is gorgeous with chandeliers, red, black and white decor. I love it! Simple but pretty. I'd love to make my house this colourway. Anyway it has a huge range of Vivienne Westwood bags, wallets and JEWELRY (love the orb necklace).
If anyone is a big fan of Lanvin, they have six porcelain statues, each adorned with different outfits. With them being a Limited Edition out of 800, Christine's done pretty good to snag one of these as would one of you if you guys want to buy one (will find pics soon)

167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Jewelry store with heaps of Australian artists with their own sense of style. My favourite so far: Vicki Mason and Julia DeVille's! Vicki's stuff reminds me of my failed attempt at quilling when we were in primary school. The colours she uses are gorgeous! Julia's pieces are just cool, she makes the whole goth thing look neat/clean - and her website is sooo cool! (oh wow she does taxidermy too!)

[Vicky Mason]

[Julia DeVille]

Vicki Mason credited to her website
Julia DeVille photos credited to nosmarties and theage
You can visit the e.g.etal website :)

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