Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kind of a woozy. Wore this outfit two days in a row cos I went to a friends house and never went home. Had shopping in the City and then went to Lucky Coq for dinner but couldn't get a table.

I'll start the post with a little rant: when did Lucky Coq become such a yuppy place in the space of five months? I love love love the place, I love the food and I used to LOVE the atmosphere. Now it's just full of yuppies, per say, and the old edge that it used to have has completely disappeared. Very disappointed. (Also when did Met tickets get so expensive... that's right I'm no longer a concession :-( ) Anyway...

Yesterday was a little gloomy and windy but the sun came out for a bit so I can't complain. Once again, I ended up bring a oversized grey wool cardigan with me that I didn't need to wear during the day.

- Grey pleated zip-up coat (a great steal from HK when I went wholesale buying with my cousin)
- Vintage navy and white polka dot dress
- Vintage black belt with a light gold buckle at the waist (not shown)
- Wine red opaques
- Black t-bar flats
- Cream floral skinny scarf tied into a pussy bow
- Darker beige rasta beanie at night (not shown)
- Longchamp Les Pilages in a light beige (not shown)

[Finally a photo of my shoes,
I always forget to take photos of these when I show the outfit...
yes I was bored at Melbourne Central waiting for a friend!]

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  1. I really like your second outfit. The cut of the blue dress, and the red tights and scarf look very nice together :)