Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Favourite Day of the Year: Birthdays!

Mine is coming up very soon and I'm so excited.
( Read 19th May :-) )
I have my outfit planned out - the dress, the bag, the shoes, the coat, the way my hair will look. It's kind of sad. But the day makes me giddy. I don't usually celebrate it. But I like making a big deal about it regardless!

I'm a bit annoyed because I want to have it on a Thursday but some friends (good friends) can't do it that day... Should I have it on Thursday anyway? Who can turn down $10 cocktails at Charlie's Bar in Hardware Lane. The cocktails are amazing and for $10 that's so cheap! What do you guys think?

Anyway I received my first birthday present :)
A lovely porcelain necklace from Alice Euphemia by Iggy and Loulou.

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