Thursday, May 21, 2009

OOTD #9 + DIY #3

So last night I decided to make a skirt.
It was going to be lined to make it more poofy but then I realised the material I wanted for the lining was too small/not enough. I ended up making the skirt lining-less, but the elastic waist was too big, so I cut it... but too much.

End result... me trying to squeeze into a 60cm waist when in reality I'm around 70cm. For those who don't know, it means the elastic curls and gets stretched to it's limit and isn't very happy. But because I was so in love with the skirt, I decided to wear it. But of course, with a belt to cover the small small elasticated waist.

* Red wine opaques
* DIY #3 Skirt
*Black Country Road Seamless Tank
*Grey marle American Apparel Backless Leotard
* Black Boyfriend Blazer, double breasted
* Cream floral scarf
* Oroton Entourage Tote, sitting in the background hehe

What do you think of the skirt?
Any sewing girls know of a way to line it... now?

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