Sunday, June 28, 2009

Most amazing eBay seller/store

Claire Incorruptible

I found this from a friend who was after an old navy blazer. I had a look at some of their other things and I just love love love their stock. Old designer stuff from the 70/80/90's, big designer houses such as YSL, Chloe, Moschino and Escada; the prices are high but the stuff is in top condition. Considering if you bought them new they'd be in the thousands paying a few hundred for a blazer/dress seems a little trivial.

I love these three items:

YSL vest
(Sorry I forgot to take note it mightn't be YSL,
this is an old photo I've kept)

Ralph Lauren vintage red blazer

Chanel collar

I love the model, not sure if this is the seller as well but she's so gorgeous. Once again part of my obsession with pale skin, she looks amazing! (And the blunt fringe helps too. I wish I could pull it off without looking overly mainland)

Photo credits to Claire.Inc

happy shopping
love delilah

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  1. Oh yes she is in my ebay favourites, great items!