Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is probably the worst polyvore but I saw the most amazingly dressed girl on Friday night at Sorry Grandma.

She had red hair with the most amazing full and blunt fringe. She didn't seem size 6 skinny but she was so beautiful! She had a red checked pinny on and a shirt under it. She wore black and white striped knee high socks with I think t-bars. The polyvore is probably the worst descriptor of what she was wearing but I had to visually describe it somehow.

She wasn't wearing gloves but I loveeee those DSquared nappa driving gloves!!!

Anyway I have another style loving post from Sorry Grandma will upload when I put them on my comp :)

I finally found a pic of what the romper was like think this but red checked.
Amazing!!!!! (Photo credit to Lover from the vogue forums)

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