Friday, June 26, 2009

OOTD x a billion

Not sure how many outfit of the day's (OOTDs) I've had now... er I think around 20something.
Anyway wore this for around an hour for bubble tea. It's now too cold for the mini cape so I'll be swapping it for a wool cardi

* Valerie Tolosa Angela bell-sleeved dress
* Sunny Girl cream cape
* Oroton navy Entourage tote
* American Apparel black eel leggings

* Fat French beanie in grey
* Mimco bow clip

Close Ups:
* the buttons on the Angela dress
* the bow clip on the French beanie

Anyway happy Fridays :) I'm off to dinner with the boy and then a goodbye party.
Maybe I'll see you around.

x delilah


  1. see! girly. not quirky. but still fabulous x

  2. oh i know.
    winter for me = girly cos i get too cold to do quirky lol

  3. i haven't seen you in summer for a while. look forward to your quirky outfits ;)
    i'm sure with all your newly found asian inspirations - you'll be sure to pull off quirky!
    on another note - since when did u have that valerie dress? jealous much ...