Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MSFW: Show 1 Review

So after a hectic day of work, tutoring and finding a park in the city, I finally made it to the show. My friends dad was fortunate enough to be given some VIP tickets so we sat front row. After a quick tour around the Melbourne Town Hall chambers (and where Robert Doyle's office is) we sat ready and waiting for the show to start.

Akira came on first and had an amazing colour palette. Nudes, blood orange/orange red and yellow. The dresses were simple but exquisite and the shoes! The poor poor models, they reminded me of the traditional shoes geishas wear mixed with the more modern concept of espadrilles/wedges. To top it off the shoes were fabric matched to the dresses.... Amazing!

Another designer that completely wowed me was Materialbyproduct. Their runway was amazing... They had the dressers come down to the runway and the models came out in nude underwear and a fabulous collar piece (each model's was unique). (on a side note all the people in the front row actually got one of these limited edition, out of 200, collars.) The collection looked so simple, lots of draping, holes/slits to play around with. Definitely one of the best runways I've seen!

bloggin on my phone is much more difficult than expected. Pictures will be uploaded by next week.

Editted in:
Christine boutique down Flinders Lane did the most eclectic runway show, brights and clashing patterns galore.

x delilah

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